Burning Witches and the 'Politically Correct'

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Time was... when the civil courts... under advisement from sanctimonious church bosses and the religious aristocracy, literally burned human beings to death if they were suspected of engaging in the black arts. Witchcraft...satanism etc. This is one of the most brutal displays of 'political correctness' gone astray in written history. The purse-lipped puritanicals demanded that all such 'deviants' be destroyed. Was their agenda a positive one? Did the act of burning witches prevent the perversion of society, or were innocents merely being slaughtered to fulfill the sick personal agenda of a few uptight administrators.

My opinion is simply this. People who assume the mantle of political correctness, to justify the implementation of abuse towards others are themselves seriously ill. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions... but to demand that a personal OPINION be validated by the government, in an effort to squelch the rights of others is the ultimate crime against humanity. That is exactly what happens every single day in the 'Land of the Free". Our political system has been ravaged by the well intentioned religious fanatic. Our politicians kao tao to the church bosses so they can get elected. They will make whatever promise they need to make to get elected, and they will align themselves with any group that promises the most consistent vote for their re-election. Afterall, that is how they make money, that is what they do for a living.

We all know that. We already realize that politics... is really not about 'serving the needs of the community' or 'ones fellow man', rather, it has grown to become the single best way for an ambitious self server to gather enough power to affect the lives of the rest of us, and generate wealth for themselves. It is really all about personal agenda, it is not about helping America or the community. To pretend that 'community service' is the motivation is simply a lie.

So what does any of this have to do with burning witches? Well, witch burning was the manifestation of personal agenda being foisted upon the masses, under the guise of 'political correctness."

You might think, that you are not that kind of person... that you would never burn someone at the stake for their religious beliefs, but fact is... you are probably just as guilty of doing so as the religious leaders responsible for the anti witch policies of the 17th century. We have not evolved much in the last 300 years either, it seems. The State is still the paramilitary arm of the church. Despite the fact that 200 years ago our forefathers promised separation of church and state to insure personal freedom... today, the state is still the bully boy of the Southern Baptist Convention, ( and plenty of other fanatical ministries as well.)

What is this all about? Why am I even mentioning this?

Same sex marriages.

You say " It is un-Godly, it is immoral, it is perverted. I hate queers, I hate lesbians, they are a scourge of society... marraige is only for a man and a woman... the Bible says so."

To which I respond... if that is how you feel, then you are no better than the fanatical puritanicals that hunted the witches. I do not expect my position to be popular among the church set. But, I am so sick of religious wars and demands that I just do not care.
So for you uptight , knees slammed together religious nutcases that feel the need to dictate your personal beliefs, and then demand that an elected government support you in your witch hunt, I say, fine... go to church, believe what ever you want, but leave the rest of us alone. Our Constitution supports freedom of expression, and freedom of religion. We do not need narrow minded guilt ridden religious fanatics telling the rest of us how to live. Don't forget, under Hadrian of the Roman Empire...Christians were themselves the scapegoats and were fed to the lions for the entertainment of the masses. They didn't like it when the shoe was on the other foot either. They still whine about how they were persecuted for their love of Jesus. One would think that Christians suffering such persecution themselves, would enable them to have some empathy for other belief systems.

The Government needs to stay out of the Marriage business.

Except in so far as to issue permits to those seeking such a union. In a supposed free country... with a Constitution that provides protections for individual freedom, the Government simply has no right to tell ANYONE who their partners may or may not be. We need to enforce the separation of church and state, and the State needs to stop reinforcing outdated and perverse religious practices that are demanded by the modern day witch hunters.

Let men marry men, let women marry women. Issue a permit for cohabitation and shared living, and allow everyone to choose their own partner. Many folks think group marriages, should be allowed as well. The Mormons have had group marriages for years, and while not all Mormons approve of polygamy, many of them finds that it works just great for their families. The State has no business telling those folks what to believe or how to celebrate their lives, and, I might add.... neither do the rest of us have the right to persecute them either.

I only want one thing in return for all of this new found 'freedom of relationship'... and I bet that most of the people in the country agree. Marry whoever you want, live however you want, but please... shut the ~!@#$%^&*()_+ up about it. Stop prosletyzing. I don't wanna hear about your sexual adventures, and I do not want you to force it on me in a public forum either. I don't care if you wanna engage in fellatio with another man, I do not care if you wanna engage in coitus with another woman. That is your business... it is private business and it is of no interest to me... no matter how 'trendy' you may think your liasion is, please take it to your own bedroom and respect the belief system of others just as they allow you your own.

This isn't about gay vs straight either... for one thing... most literate people do not see the issue as purely black and white . People are not simply either homosexual, or heterosexual, no, in real life there is in fact a vast array of human sexuality. Not just black and white but a pallete of hues. Sex between consenting adults should remain the personal business of the people involved in the act. The only real issues we must confront is how best to deal with the children that find themselves living in such a situation. If they are loved and cared for, and allowed to cultivate their own sexual Identities, without having the preferences of their adult caretakers forced down their throats, then I say fine. Children deserve protection, and this is an area where the State or some regulatory body should be allowed to become involved just as they are involved with protecting the children of heterosexual unions.

How do we do that? Perhaps by issuing child rearing licenses. We issue licenses to insure our drivers are trained, we issue licenses for almost everything. Rearing a child is a sacred priviledge that too many illiterate dumbasses take for granted. To get a child rearing license, one should attend classes and learn how to rear a child. This will work in heterosexual unions too. When a child is born, genetically test the child and assign its DNA identification to the biological parents. From that day on, those genetically Identified parents are financially responsible for the safe upbringing of the child. If a same sex couple wants a child, then a legal contract can convey parental rights from the biological parent to the adoptive one. But enough of this BS where kids are born out of lust and then abandoned for the rest of us to support. If you are man enough to impregnate another person... then you need to be man enough to support your offspring. If a same sex couple wants to absolve a parent of such responsibility, then by all means allow them to assume the contract. The primary issue here, is the welfare of the child.

Otherwise, everyone should be allowed to live their own lifestyle, and to engage in whatever kind of relationship best suits them , and no amount of religious persecution or State legislation will ever change that. The rest of us need to accept it for what it is..

That was already addressed in "life Liberty , and the pursuit of happiness." That line from the Declaration of Independence is what this is all about.

Freedom of choice is politically correct. Freedom of expression is politically correct.

Power to the people!!!!


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